What to expect when receiving a mini split shipment


Here’s where our Customer Service kicks into high gear.

To help reassure you that Your Total Satisfaction is always foremost in our mind, we want you to be happy, at every stage of the purchasing process. And that means right up to the moment when you have your bright, sleek, shiny new (and let’s not forget, incredibly efficient) system in hand. We’ll walk you through the process right up to and through the moment your product arrives.First, as soon as your online purchase is approved, that order moves into fulfillment and logistics. Our stocking warehouse is notified, and tasked to assemble all included ordered items. Depending on where in the country the order is to ship, logistics coordinates LTL pick-up, routing, and modes of transport (truck, rail, ship, or air). Trusted, reliable LTL carriers carefully handle and move your purchase to the nearest destination terminal… ideally, in the shortest time possible.

The carrier who handles the final site delivery will notify you that the product is ready to be received at your end, sets up an appointment to do so, as it’s required that someone must be there to accept, sign for, and inspect the shipment. Once final details are set, your purchase is delivered as coordinated.

At that point, before you sign that you accept the order, it becomes your responsibility to inspect everything that comes with the order. Feel free to open every box. Pay special attention if you find any visible damage to any container. Carefully inspect all parts of the system to verify that appear to be undamaged. Assuming you find at all is in order, sign off on the bill of lading, and your order is now in your possession.

If you do find any item(s) to have damage, you can refuse delivery on that item (not necessarily the entire order). Note your acceptance of the undamaged component(s) as well as the refusal of a damaged component(s) on the bill of lading. At that point, that damaged portion of the order will go back on the truck, to be returned to us for replacement.

Please do contact ComfortUp Customer Service at the earliest opportunity to review the situation, and arrange a replacement shipment. It’s best to handle this type of incident by phone, at 855-337-0001.

Please understand that, while we don’t anticipate damage shipments, they still do happen on rare occasions. Rest assured, that we do everything within our power to rectify the situation, in the most expedient manner possible. Again, our goal is your complete customer satisfaction, both with the product AND with our service.

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