How do I go about inspecting my freight shipment?


Once your order arrives, make certain to inspect each and every item on the pallet. Count the number of items (boxes) on the shipment.  Make sure that your count matches the count printed on the delivery receipt before signing for your delivery.

Missing items or incorrect items that were noted on the delivery receipt must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your order by contacting ComfortUp CustomerCare. We reserve the right to reject any claim for a missing item if not reported by the customer within the twenty-four hour period after delivery.
After counting the items in your shipment, remove wrapping or boxes and inspect each item of equipment thoroughly in the front of the driver.  Check all of the equipment to make sure it is not dented or heavily scratched.  Make sure to mark the delivery receipt "clear," "short," "wrap broken" or "damaged" (whichever is applicable) after inspecting your shipment thoroughly.  Do not sign the delivery receipt until you have thoroughly inspected each item.

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